Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog as it Ages

Dogs are more than pets, they are a big part of the family. They love you, they are always happy to see you, and they provide companionship. One thing that dogs cannot do is speak to us. For this reason, it is up to us to watch them to look for signs that they may be in pain, or not feeling well. This is especially important as they get older. Something as simple as pet supplements can be all that you need to help your dog overcome pain from arthritis, degenerative joint disease, and other conditions that cause aches and pain.

Understanding your dog

It is important to understand that your dog's instinct is to not show weakness. Therefore, your dog will not always give you clear indications that something is wrong. You have to pay attention to the animal in order to spot differences in behavior. Your dog may play less, he or she may take longer to get up and come to you when you walk in the door. He may tire more easily after play time or walks. These could all indicate that your dog is feeling pain. A trip to the vet for a quick check, and some daily dog supplements may be just what your pet needs to ease the pain and enable him to get back to his normal life.

What you feed your dog is important

While it may be tempting to buy whichever dog food is on sale, it is not what is in your dog's best interest. Feed your dog quality food that is not loaded with fillers that your dog does not need. An all natural dog food with meat listed as the first ingredient is the best option for your dog. When your dog does not get the protein that he needs, his entire body suffers. He will not be as energetic as he should be, his coat will not be as shiny as it should be, and his quality of life will not be what it should be. It is so easy to simply choose to buy quality dog food, and dog Osteoarthritis, it just makes sense to do it. Give a quality dog food a try for a month and see the different it can make.

These simple tips will help you to know what to look for to indicate pain issues with your dog. They will also help you to see how important it is to feed your dog healthy, nutritious food. In this way, they are like people, food choices are very important.